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November Morphs are complete!

90 Plus Morphs including:
Shoe POP
Feet Hands
Mega Morphs
Big Feet Futa’s
Series - The New Alexa Model & Met Art Mini Series

Good stuff this month - don’t miss out!

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September Morph Set is complete:

79 Morphs / 9 Sets!

Celebs (Payton List & Paris Smith)
5 Series with all kinds of morphs
Twistd Teen Morphs
Squirting Big Feet Futas
and more…

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I can remember being a kid. There was no internet… No Photoshop.  I used to look for barefoot women in fashion magazines and try to find a bigger pair of feet on another page or another magazine to cut out and paste on the original. I imagine, sometimes, if I could go back in time. Find myself as a 13 year old and show that younger version of me the stuff I do with Photoshop. I imagine the site of one image like this, would have made me cum without even touching my cock.

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Ewwie!! What did you do to me!!!??

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July Monthly Morph Set are now available. Let me know if you are interested.

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Wha… What’s happening to me, Deborah thought. Her massive feet, dripping with cum… Her hands, morphed into feet! Her head, numb and throbbing as her giant cock grew harder and harder with no relief as it was all plugged up! Cum drooled from her pouting mouth. Why is this happening to me? She thought again. I’m a freak! Everyone is going to make fun of me, now. Why did I have to be such a bitch to that strange man who kept staring at my feet?!!  

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