Female Feet Morphs

Better Late than Never…

January Morph Set is Complete:

Celebs (Cailin Russo, Angela Sarafyan, Zoey Deutch and more)
4 Foot Growthand Other Morph Sequence
Feet Hands
Mega Morphs
Teen Feet
Measure Up (Girls measuring their huge feet with a ruler)

90 total pictures

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Best - PJ

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And I have monthly set available.

I also do commission work - no morph is taboo :)


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November Morphs are complete!

90 Plus Morphs including:
Shoe POP
Feet Hands
Mega Morphs
Big Feet Futa’s
Series - The New Alexa Model & Met Art Mini Series

Good stuff this month - don’t miss out!

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September Morph Set is complete:

79 Morphs / 9 Sets!

Celebs (Payton List & Paris Smith)
5 Series with all kinds of morphs
Twistd Teen Morphs
Squirting Big Feet Futas
and more…

You know what to do If not, send me a note - Best - PJ

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I can remember being a kid. There was no internet… No Photoshop.  I used to look for barefoot women in fashion magazines and try to find a bigger pair of feet on another page or another magazine to cut out and paste on the original. I imagine, sometimes, if I could go back in time. Find myself as a 13 year old and show that younger version of me the stuff I do with Photoshop. I imagine the site of one image like this, would have made me cum without even touching my cock.

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Ewwie!! What did you do to me!!!??

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